Error connecting to VPN server?

  • Is your account name/password correct when logging in?
  • We often find a lot of “Access Denied” due to user’s wrong inputs: a wrong account name or a wrong password. Please note that your password is case sensitive.

  • Is your network connection working?
  • If yes, please verify that your router supports PPTP. Some older routers cannot support PPTP. In particular, if you are using a Linux system as a router, please load these two modules: modprobe ip_nat_pptp and modprobe ip_conntrack_pptp.

    Some ISPs and some hotels block PPTP VPN ports so users are prevented from using our VPN service. For this case, please use our L2TP VPN service instead which should solve this problem.

  • Did you have non-zero bandwidth?
  • Please login your account then check your remaining bandwidth in “Subscription” & “Permanent Data”. If you have run out of your bandwidth please select one of our VPN data plan then pay by Paypal or iOS IAP.

  • Has your current subscription expired?
  • Please login your account then check the “Expire Time” for your current subscription period. If expired, you can get your account enabled by purchasing one more data plan.

  • If you are using PPTP in iPhone/iPad/iTouch…
  • Please make sure the “Encryption Level” is set to “Auto” in your VPN configuration.

  • If you are using L2TP in iPhone/iPad/iTouch…
  • Please make sure your secret is set correctly to “vpnfire” in your L2TP VPN configuration.

Can I take a free trial for the VPN service?

We offer FREE data for every new user to try our service out before purchasing. The amount of bandwidth is usually 10 Megabytes to 100 Megabytes. And if you registered the first account in an Apple device (iTouch, iPad, iPhone), we will offer you 100 additional reward points which can be used to redeem extra data. Enjoy!

Notes: you won’t get bonus reward points if you register more than more account from same Apple device.

I’ve connected to your VPN server, why I’m still unable to access certain web sites like

There are two situations:

  • First, make sure you have access to unblocked websites. For example, can you open
  • If not, there is problem with your network, try to check your network settings then connect to VPN again.

  • If the is accessible, but some websites like still have problems
  • it’s probably due to “DNS cache poisoning”. For example, in some countries a lot of ISP DNS servers are poisoned, you cannot access blocked websites even using our VPN because you got fake IPs from the local DNS. The workaround is: change the DNS settings of your computer and device to Google’s free DNS server: and, then connecting our VPN and try again.

Why I got a error like “This is not a Test User account. Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment”?

It is probably due to you are using a jail-broke device.