Just a few hours ago (8AM Nov. 15, 2011, UTC),  our domain “vpnfire.com” is blocked by China’s Great Firewall (GFW). So lucky!!! But, what does that mean?

It means if you are in China, you CANNOT connect to our server by “vpn.vpnfire.com” (original default VPN server address).

However, we immediately launched another set of domains to provide VPN services for you: now you can have a VPN work even in China!

Here is the step to reconnect you to our VPN services if you are in China:

  1. Open your “Vpnfire” app in your iOS device.
  2. Notes: there could be some connection error (%10 chance) due to the DNS cache poisoning when you are using our app, but we promise that it will work by just trying one more time.

    We’ve submitted an update for our app and it’s waiting for Apple’s review. This version resolves all known connection problems in China within 2 weeks.

  3. Select  “Setup VPN on iPhone/iPad/iTouch”, it will prompt you to log in, after that click “Start Auto Setup” to download a new VPN profile.
  4. After the VPN profile is downloaded, click “Install” to install it.
  5. Notes: if you enabled passcode in iOS “Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock”, you will be asked to enter your 4-digits device passcode (NOT VPN password!)

  6. Go to iOS settings -> General -> Network -> VPN, select one of our VPNFIRE VPN to connect, it should 100% work!

We do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unexpected DNS poisoning in China. Finally, please make sure to discuss any solutions/alternatives in private, not on Twitter or other public forums. The GFW *does* read. See more details of GFW from Wikipedia: Internet censorship in the People’s Republic of China